Launch season is here, which is a relief after the long cold winter we had here in Sodus Point. Now that the ice has moved along the guys have been doing our spring prep work. Once you have prepared your boat for launch, please let us know and we will add you to our launch list. You must call or email to be added to the list. Requirements to launch your boat are as follows:

  1. Please provide a key or combination to your boat to the marina.
  2. The engine must operate, and the batteries must be charged. We can charge your batteries for you for a fee. Please notify the staff if you require this service.
  3. All hull plugs must be installed and through hull hoses connected.
  4. The bimini frame must be down. If the bimini goes through the backstay, please indicate which tubes are forward and which are aft of the backstay by taping the tubes together.
  5. On board, in a visible place, please provide:
    1. Dock Lines
    2. Fenders
    3. Spreaders
    4. Spreader boots
    5. Tiller or wheel
    6. Masthead flys and instruments
  6. All outstanding balances must be paid in full.

Once you have completed the requirements, and finish your prelaunch work, notify the office and we will get the boat on the list to Splash!