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Save Time and Money!
When it’s time to purchase boating supplies and repair parts, you don’t need to jump in your car and drive thirty miles to your nearest West Marine Outlet. Katlynn Marine’s Ship Store has nearly everything you’d want, and if we don’t, we can usually have it within three business days. Our prices are as good, or […]

Stew Sill Part 8

Stew Sill Jr. as I remember it… part VII by Bill VanGee
The Final Chapter?
When Deb first asked me to come up with a series of Stew Sill remembrance articles for the Katlynn Marine newsletter, I wasn’t sure that I had enough “BS” to complete even one story. For those of you that actually read the newsletters, you can see […]

Stew Sill Part 7

Stew Sill Jr. as I remember it… part VII by Bill VanGee
Sills Marina was always pretty laid back, more of a down east boat yard than marina. Everything wasn’t necessarily all shiny and new, but there was seldom a vacancy and the customer waiting list was substantial. When you entered the store, you pretty much felt at home, almost […]

Stew Sill Part 6

Stew Sill Jr. as I remember it… part VI by Bill VanGee
Stew was always about speed and because he grew up on the water, he naturally migrated toward fast boats. During the late 50s and early 60s, he became quite involved with the building and racing of small outboard hydroplane boats. A hydroplane (or hydro, or thunderboat) is a […]

Stew Sill Part 5

Stew Sill Jr. as I remember it… part V by Bill VanGee
Stew wasn’t just about boats and the marina. He in fact, had a soft spot for animals. While I never saw it, he used to reminisce about how he as a boy had a horse on the family farm that he rode and cared for. The farm was […]

Stew Sill Part 4

Stew Sill Jr. as I remember it… part IV by Bill VanGee
Katlynn Marine didn’t always look like it does today. When I first began working here in the summer of 1971, it was Sill’s Marina and was considered more of a boat yard than a marina. Stew Sill was a hands-on type of guy and everyday was a new […]

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